Indiana Jones Bull Whip 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 Feet long 16 Strands Kangaroo Hide Leather Equestrian Bullwhip Leather Plaited Bellies

LB's Whip

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Kangaroo Hide Leather. (The Strongest Leather for Whip)
Inside Construction of Whip:
  • The thong made with Leather “Core” (innermost layer).
  • Two Kangaroo Leather Bolsters.
  • Two Kangaroo Leather Braided Bellies of 4 Strands each.
  • Kangaroo Hide 16 Plaits Braided Overlay.
  • Handle is 09 inches long with Steel Rod inside.
  • (For More details, please see the pictures for inside construction)
  • 30 Inches Long Leather Fall & 7 inches long Nylon cracker (Not Included in the measurement).
  • Whip length measures from the base of handle knob to the end of the braiding (not including the wrist loop, fall and Cracker/Popper).
  • A real professional whip, fully functional. Well balanced and cracks loud easily.
  • Check out the photos to really appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into making this WHIP.
Included in the Packages:
  • One extra Leather Fall for free.
  • 5 spare Nylon Crackers for free.
  • One Leather Whip Holder for free.
  • Instructions about how to keep the whip in great condition.

Style of Inside Construction of whip:

    Bullwhip starts with a steel rod for the handle that provides both a solid foundation and weight to balance the thong while a core is an innermost layer inside the thong of the whip. Then consists of two leather braided bellies of 4 strands each and two leather bolsters. The overlay is done in 16 plaits.

        All the minute details are taken into account to achieve the look and feel of the original whips. Inside Construction of whip is guaranteed and if you find any discrepancy in the whip's inside construction, we will refund the double price.