Indiana Jones Style 5 Foot 8 Plait Natural Tan Brown Leather Bullwhip Real Cowhide Leather Bull Whip

LB's Whip

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  • Genuine Cow Hide Leather Overlay.
  • Fully Hand Crafted Overlay with 8 Plaits.
  • Bull Whip is 5 Feet long and measures from the base knot to the end of the plaited thong. (Not including wrist loop, the fall and cracker). Full Length from Loop to Cracker is 7 Foot)
  • Turks Head Knot and wrist loop with 12 inches Fall and 8 inches cracker.
  • Best for Whip Cracking and Farming.
  • Also used the same style by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Fully Handmade and durable whip.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.