Budget Template:

  • We will Give you a complete ONLINE SHOP with your brand and your logo.
  • Your domain will be registered with your name and title.
  • The website comes with fully loaded with our products.
  • Automated ordering between your website and your drop ship account.
  • Your orders will be shipped with your logo and company name on order sheet.
  • You receive the payment of your order, keep your profit.

Question and Answers: 

  1. Are products, description and other details pre-installed on the site?
    Ans: Yes, these are all built in and ready to trade. The site will be propagated with the stock on the day of install so you are 100% up to date.

  2. Who will deal with customers and answer customer questions?
    Ans: You will deal and respond to your customer’s inquiries directly. We will provide you an online chat portal which can be install in your mobile also and can respond to your customers chat from your mobile. You will also be given a customer support system installed in your website. If you need any kind of help, we are available 24/7 to assist you.

  3. Who will control the sale price on website?
    Ans: You control the sale price on your website.

  4. Who will be the owner of domain.
    Ans: You will be the owner of domain.

  5. Who will Control Admin Panel?
    Ans: Admin Panel will be given to you so that you can manage prices as per your own wish and can make email IDs for your business domain.

  6. Which logo will be used when order ship to client.
    Ans: Your logo and company name will be printed order sheet when we ship order to client. It will be same as you are shipping to client.

  7. Are all the orders track able?
    Ans: All the orders are trackable. The local US packets will be shipped through USPS and international orders will be shipped through USPS, FedEx or DHL. It depends upon buyer’s location.

  8. When a customer checks out on my shop, who do they pay?
    Ans: Your customer will pay you directly, via the payment method provider by you. You can configure these in your admin area. Once the order has been confirmed, you will pay to us the agreed cost, keep your profit and we will ship on your behalf without showing our information.

  9. Do I get free technical support?
    Yes. We offer web hosting support and shop software support with all our packages.

  10. Am I right in thinking the products are pre-installed on the site, with all the prices, descriptions and pictures, and are theses updated automatically or is there something I need to do, if so how easy is that?
    Ans: Yes, these are all built in and ready to trade but you can change selling prices as per your requirement. You can increase or decrease any selling price but our product price for you will be same as agreed. The inventory and availability of products will be controlled by us.

  11. Can I run the modules and shops on more than one domain?
    Ans: All of our automation modules are a per site license but the shops can be run on as many domains as you like.

Delivery Information:

We Look after the entire dispatch process of your orders. From dispatch, tracking, and compensation procedures.

We dispatch on your behalf and all charges are passed on to you as if you are dealing with your client directly. Think of us as your virtual warehouse.

The benefits include lower prices due to our bulk dispatch discounts. Dedicated staff who will look after any claim procedures for missing parcels.

In a nutshell, we are not dispatching for you, we dispatch on behalf of you so any costs and savings are passed on to you for the life of the parcel.

This means that as you are benefiting from our buying power and are being passed on our supplier discounts, we do not offer any refunds on postage regardless of the reason.


Return and refund Policy:

Your Company Name

PO BOX ………


Each time a return is received you will be notified by email and notes will be added to the order.

Replacement faulty items are sent back out to your customer free of charge.

We offer 30 days’ money back warranty on everything.


If a client wants refund due to a faulty item, we will refund you the cost you paid to us and you refund the client as per your commitment to your client.